How to Get a Beard like Rana Daggubati?

Who needs an introduction to the handsome, rugged man named Bhallaladeva in one of the biggest blockbuster movies, Bahubali? Rana Duggubati had our attention from the first until the end with his fabulous on-screen presence as the movie's antagonist and stole our hearts with his looks! The man has so many fine feathers on his hats in the movie industry that we can’t overlook his natural grooming style, especially his thick, shaped, scruffy beard that is as iconic as him! 

Many celebrities have reinvented various beard looks, but one of the stars that have stolen all hearts, irrespective of gender, is Rana Daggubati. His short boxed beard with fading lines above his chin is one of the most loved looks by his fans! Whether it’s a 5 o'clock scruff or a well-trimmed powered beard look, Dugubatti nails every look with his ever-evolving grooming styles. 

But growing a beard is not easy. Many have complained that their beards get dry and become uneven. Sometimes, it can cause itches and rashes on your face if you don’t maintain it properly. Beards need care as you care for your hair. 

You may often find it a far-fetched dream to have a beard like those celebrities on the covers of elite and glamorous magazines. But the iconic Rana Daggubati now offers you a range of DCRAF beard grooming arsenal, which has beard oil, serums and wax that promises to make you look as dapper as him. ! These products are made with key natural ingredients with no paraben or sulphate, are vegan, cruelty free and are made for Indian skin type. 

Get that thick beard! 

If you face problems with beard growth or uneven patches of scruffs, try DCRAF’s Beard oil. This almond oil in this beard oil nourishes your beard from hair roots and makes it smooth and shiny by locking the moisture of the beard strands. Also, argan oil promotes beard growth and prevents premature greying of hair! 

So, no more worrying in front of the mirror, checking if your stubble has grown into a thick, long beard. Get your trimmer ready because you will soon need to get the beard in shape. 

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Get a smooth, evenly moisturised beard! 

Beard can make or break your look. An uneven beard can make you look dull, which is not something you are looking for. Beards look good when they are groomed and shaped properly. One size doesn’t fit all, and that’s true for beard grooming. Some may look intense with a few days old stubble, and some may look well with a faded, thick beard. Beards and moustaches define your character and should be taken care of. 

So, you need to keep a check for a frizzy and untamed beard with uneven endings before you visit the salon. Check out Dcraf’s Beard Serum now! This oil is the Beard Elixir for men. The ingredients are thoughtfully-selected and are 100% vegan. The argan oil of the serum helps provide shine to the beard while controlling the fizziness by locking its moisture. The willow bark extract will help control the inflammation while reducing sebum production if you have itchiness due to a dry beard. 

And what’s the one that has made serum a must has become a must-have in men’s grooming kits? The Baicapil extract! This extract has proven to stimulate even beard growth and improves beard density. 

So, with a thick, dense, moisturised beard, you can easily trim your beard to your liking.

Whether it’s a powered beard with a moustache or a thick stubble beard, a healthy beard makes a man look dapper, neat and well-groomed! 

Beards with Angles! 

We can’t drool enough over Rana Daggubati's spade-shaped power beard or a short boxed beard with thick moustaches. As versatile an actor as he is, his beard surely keeps up with him. He has played all kinds of roles where he needed to change his looks drastically. But the one thing that has remained constant is his beard looks. The grooming God, Daggubati, loved to maintain the quality of his beard so that it adds effect to his character for his roles. And we can fairly say that angular beards make you look mysterious, neat, and masculine! 

But sometimes, it’s difficult to maintain the shape of your beard! So, worry no more! Try Dcraf’s Beard Wax. This Ayush certified beard wax has rich ingredients like Bakuchi Oil and Shea Butter. The shea butter moisturises the beard while increasing its hold and the bakuchi oil works as a conditioner, making it look shiny and smooth. 

All you need is to wash your beard and air-dry it. Now, take a little amount of Dcraf’s wax in your hand and start to shape your beard and moustache like you want to. Try to apply on the ends so that the argan oil of the wax prevents split ends. 

And voila! It’s that simple! 

Wrapping up! 

Dcraf understands men’s routines well. And when it comes to self-care and grooming, it can daunt many. So, these vegan and 100% cruelty-free men grooming products are made with rich ingredients and are simple to use. We understand that you need excellent products and techniques to groom yourself in less than 10 minutes! Whether you are late for your office or running for college in the morning, you can take care of your skin, including your beard, in no time and look fresh, neat and stylish every day! 

Check out Dcraf’s huge range of products designed for men!