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  • I believe that men neglect skincare and grooming because it seems overly complex to them. With DCRAF, my aim is to make ‘looking good’ simple for men through trustworthy, effective products.

    By Rana Daggubati

Grooming Made Simple With Men’s Grooming Products by Dcraf

Don't you like it when people compliment you on your looks? Or when they praise you for how you smell or style your hair? Well, we sure do appreciate a nice compliment! Long gone are the days when men's grooming products were difficult to find. In today's era, good hygiene, irrespective of gender, is a key factor in enriching your personality.

However, what does this grooming cost a man who manages both his professional and personal life? The honest answer? Unlike other options available in the market, with Dcraf you only need a few minutes of your day and the effective grooming kit/combo for men.

Most grooming products contain chemicals that can harm the skin. Thus, making it difficult for consumers like yourself to trust the efficacy of such products.

More than that, men usually claim they avoid grooming because it is complicated. Many people tend to consider grooming a hassle because it is time-consuming. It can be true considering the majority of men's grooming products available in the market are complicating the grooming regimen

As a buyer, if you find yourself perplexed about which men's grooming products will benefit you, fret no more!

What Is Dcraf| How Is It Different From Other Grooming Brands?

DCRAF by Rana Daggubati is a men's grooming brand that brings to simple men an assorted range of face, beard, and skin products which simplify grooming regimen for them. DCRAF products are extremely effective as they are chemical-free and dermatologically tested. Unlike other brands, DCRAF aims to reduce your grooming hours to just a few minutes and hence has the best formulated products. These men's grooming products intend to simplify the overly complex concept of male grooming.

Products offered by DCRAF are enriched with key natural ingredients and are 100% vegan. DCRAF is the bridge that aims at bringing simplicity back to the grooming space. If you want to experience easy and effective grooming, DCRAF brings you the best grooming products for men.

DCRAF products are formulated keeping in mind the limited time a man has for himself. Do you seek to keep complexity out of your simple life and up your grooming game? If yes, shop from dcraf.com and learn more about uncomplicated products to groom yourself.

How Can You Be A Well-Groomed Man? What Are Examples Of Good Grooming?

Beauty products for men are as readily available as the new Jordans. But will you choose to buy the Jordans or some grooming products? Even the best shoes or the best clothes can only enhance your personality to a certain extent. To make a lasting impression and be a well-groomed man, you must start taking care of yourself.

Who said you have to buy the most expensive moisturisers or face cleansers to add to a grooming kit? Good grooming does not necessarily dig a hole in your pocket. When it comes to men's grooming products, the way DCRAF sees it, less is more.

We have the simplest and time-saving routine ready for you. Choose only essential products like beard care and face care products to start your good grooming journey today.

The Basics Of Male Grooming With Dcraf | What Should Be In A Men's Grooming Kit

Below are a few grooming tips and pocket-friendly men's grooming products online. With DCRAF's grooming products, you can develop a simple routine to follow daily. The products are easy to use, making the application straightforward. Above all, these chemical-free products deliver effective results.

Read further to know simple grooming steps for a simple man:


Cleansers are one of the most effective men's grooming products. It is also the foremost and simplest step in any skincare routine. Want to achieve healthy and glowing skin in just a matter of minutes? Use a purifying face wash to get rid of dead skin cells, dust and impurities.

An effective addition to your grooming kit for men is the face wash. The cleanser is enriched with witch hazel, willow bark and jojoba beads. The witch hazel is effective in reducing inflammation and curbing acne formation. Willow bark extract is a powerful antioxidant that shrinks pores and maintains an even tone. The jojoba beads exfoliate and moisturise the skin.


The second step in a male grooming routine is exfoliation. This men's grooming product helps get rid of dead skin cells and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The face scrub is enriched with oat kernel and olive leaf extract. It has anti-inflammatory properties that remove excess oil and heals the skin from within.


Moisturisers are an important men's grooming product online. A moisturiser is crucial as it nourishes and softens the skin. Moisturisers suit different skin types. Therefore, look thoroughly through the ingredients before choosing what works best.

Our face moisturiser gives you healthy and hydrated skin. This is one of the best grooming gifts for men that comes with several benefits. The shea butter intensely hydrates the skin, while red-algae extract has anti-ageing properties. The tagetes extract has skin healing properties and effectively boosts collagen production.


Whether you're a male or female, using sunscreen is as important as using a moisturiser. Sunblock lotions are amongst the best grooming products for men. Sunscreens shield your skin from UV rays that can lead to several skin concerns.

DCRAF brings you SPF 50 sunscreen. The fermented carrot extract is loaded with antioxidants and gives your skin a natural glow. The liquorice extract helps shield your skin from sun damage. While shea butter hydrates and improves skin texture. DCRAF's sunscreen is an effective men's grooming product online.

Beard oil

Both beard oil and moisturisers serve the purpose of hydrating the skin. So why should men spend money on beard oils? Well, the answer is simple. Moisturisers, due to their thick consistency, get clotted in the beard. They cannot reach the skin, which leads to acne formation, breakage, and itching.

Beard oil seeps down the beard and hydrates the skin. This men's grooming product helps strengthen and softens your whiskers. Use a comb to distribute the oils all over the beard evenly. This will nourish your beard strands and prevent itching and flaking.

Beard oil is a simple product with effective results. The argon, almond, and jojoba oil prevent premature ageing. DCRAF's beard oil is amongst the best grooming gifts for men online. The oil also nourishes the roots and boosts hair growth. Using beard oil daily seals vital nutrients and improves hair health.

Beard Wax

Have thin beard strands or want to keep your whiskers in place? Beard wax is a useful styling agent that allows you to get a trendy look. Managing your beard can be a task if you run short on time, but not with DCRAF.

DCRAF brings to you beard wax that gives your beard a stronghold. It helps tame your beard according to your style while strengthening the strands. It is one of the finest grooming gifts for men who have trouble controlling their beards.

Remember, the secret of male grooming isn't to exhaust your earnings on a thousand different products. Nor is it locking yourself in the bathroom for hours. Frankly, men are rather simple, and so should your grooming routine be.

To simplify your grooming experience, DCRAF brings you essential grooming kit combos. Be a beard combo or a face combo; it is a smart purchase to get it all in one place. To make your skincare convenient and grooming simple, we at DCRAF have a plain and direct approach. The simple grooming brand for the simple, uncomplicated man!

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