A complete guide to picking the right beard style for your face

No-shave November is just around the corner, and now is a perfect time to grow your beard, if you haven't already, to style it for the sacred month. However, letting a beard grow without styling it properly, will make you look more like a caveman than a civilized person.

When it comes to styling your beard as per your face shape, there are certain things that you need to consider. Every face is different and holds unique features like shape, jawline, size of your mouth, and nose. Keep in mind that you need more than styling and grooming tools to have a stunning mane.

More than anything that you put on your face, your beard has more to do with your face. Though we can't do much with the features, we can definitely help you amp up your beard game with styles that suit your face shape.

Like different haircuts, there are different beard styles. As there are no one-size-fits-all beards, a right beard style can do wonders for you. Along with dramatically enhancing your appearance, as your bristle grows your double chin will fade and you will end up discovering a jawline that will make heads turn. As much as we can assure you that a right beard style can complement your bone structure, and add eye-catching contrast to your face, a wrong one can do the opposite for you.

 What is the shape of your face:

It’s important to know your face shape, there's a simple method to figure out which group your face belongs to.

  • Triangular:

    If you have a small forehead, a pointed chin, and your jawline is wider than the cheekbones, its triangular face shape
  • Oval:

    If your forehead is larger than the jawline, the chin is round, and the length of your face is larger than the width of the cheekbones, you fall in the category of Oval face shapes.
  • Round:

    The length and width of your face have similar measurements, with a cheekbone that is the widest part of the face.
  • Diamond:

    If you have a sharp chin, the forehead is narrow and the cheekbones are high, then your face shape is diamond.
  • Oblong:

    The forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are similar in measurement.
  • Square:

    Features like face length, cheekbones, forehead, and jawline are similar in size, except the jaw, which is sharp.

 Beard style for Round Face:

If you have a round face, you need angles. Choose a beard style that is trimmed on the sides, which will bring definition to your face. Instead of additional width, it should add volume to the bottom of the face. To carry a flattering beard style, we'd recommend you opt for a beard that is shorter on the cheeks, which will give you the appearance of a longer and more pronounced chin. Beard styles like a short boxed beard, a Balbo beard, a Van Dyke beard or an anchor beard will help you to achieve an angular look.

 Beard style for Triangular Face:

Unlike round shapes, triangular faces have a shape that needs to be covered. Because of the prominent jawline, short or partial beards are often too challenging and result in a pear-shaped appearance. To cover the chin, wear large and thick whiskers along the sides of the face but not at the chin. You can also go for a goatee and moustache combo or simple sideburns with a shaved chin.

 Beard Style For Square Face Shape:

If you have a square face, you have the opportunity to show off your jawline as much as possible. With exceptionally angular features such as an apparent chin, a wider forehead, and a strong jawline, you can choose a beard style that is shorter at the sides and longer at the chin to elongate your face. To add proportion, pick a narrower beard such as the circle beard that will round up your chin and accentuate the jaw. You might also want to try rocking a goatee and moustache combo but avoid growing a full beard, as it will not suit your face shape the best. In simple words, the best beard styles for square-shaped faces include the goatee, the petite goatee, the royale beard, and the circle beard.

 Beard Style for Diamond Face Shape:

With a diamond face shape, where cheekbones are widest with a symmetrical narrow forehead and jawline, you need to find the balance by keeping hair on the chin and going wider on the sides of the face and cheeks to reduce the eminence of the wide cheekbones. It will help you to create the appearance of having a more balanced bone structure.

You should opt for beard styles such as the chin strap, a full beard, Balbo, or even a moustache combo or a goatee.

 Beard Style for Oblong Face Shape:

Similar to an oval face shape, the Oblong face shape is only a little longer and narrower. The goal should be to draw attention to the sides of the face as the oblong face shapes are one of the most elongated out of all face shapes. A beard style that will bring to your face shape is Mutton Chops or a chinstrap beard style. If you're not a fan of mutton chops beard style, you can opt for a beard style that breaks up your face vertically such as Chevron Moustache or Horseshoe moustache. You can also blend both beard styles with a circle beard and a horseshoe moustache.

 Beard Styles for Square Face Shape:

One of the most desired face shapes, the Square Face is more angular with a sharp jawline. With already defined features, your gold should be to highlight the strong jawline without exaggerating it. To enhance this chiselled look, you should chose beard style that accentuates your jawline such as a circle beard or a Balbo beard, without sideburns of course. The goatee style is also an excellent candidate for a square face shape, as it will soften the angles of your face shape.

 Beard Styling Products to boost your beard style:

 Beard Wax:

If you hold a stunning mane, then 30% of its credit goes to beard wax that helps you to groom your beard and keep it in place. Along with nourishing your facial hair, beard wax helps moisturize your beard, provides a cooling sensation, and adds lustre to your beard. Dcraf's Beard Wax, one of the most preferred products, is infused with Argan Oil, Bakuchi Oil, and Shea Butter which not only promotes beard growth but also prevents split ends. With no paraben or sulphate, this beard wax controls hair fall and conditions hair and skin.

 How to apply it:

  • Wash & pat dry your beard with a towel.
  • Take a bit of beard wax in your hands and apply it to your beard to style and shape.

 Beard Wash:

Break one of the biggest beard myths that you don't need to wash your beard like your hair with Dcraf's Beard Wash. Beard wash will help you to control excess oil, promote beard hair growth, reduce hair fall, and control dandruff. A vital tool for eliminating beard itch, beard wash will keep your bristles clean and conditioned. Dcraf's Beard Wash is designed with Sage leaf, Willow Bark, and Rosemary extract which contains anti-inflammatory properties that strengthen beard hair follicles and improve beard skin health.

 How to apply it:

  • Wash your face.
  • Take a dollop of beard wash and apply it throughout the beard, and rinse with water.

 Beard Oil:

Those who struggle with beard growth, know the value of beard oil. Beard oil is not necessary for beard growth. Acting as a solution to many common beard problems, beard Oil will keep your beard hair soft and your skin moisturized. If you have a thick beard, beard oil will help you require nourishment. Dcraf's Beard Oil, infused with Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Almond Oil will control split ends, reduce inflammation, and improves beard hair density. Try it now!

 How to apply it:

  • Apply 2-3 drops.
  • Massage across beard and leave it.

 Beard Serum:

Unlike Beard Oil, Beard Serum is a unique formula specially designed to target specific concerns of your beard and provide it with the required nourishment to promote healthy beard growth. Dcraf's Beard Serum is crafted with Argan Oil, Willow Bark Extract, and Baicapil that contains anti0-inflammatory properties to control excess oil, control beard hair-fall, reduce inflammation and add shine to your beard.

How to apply it:

  • Take 3-5 drops of Dcraf's beard serum in your hand.
  • Massage across beard and leave it on

Beard Softener:

Treat yourself with a frizz-free and soft beard with a beard Softener. Dcraf's Beard Softener will make your beard softer, moisturized, shinier, frizz-free, and easy to comb. Created with Mulberry extract, Olive Leaf extract, and Mango butter which act together as a powerhouse of anti-oxidant to improve blood circulation, hydrate your beard hair and skin, and prevent beard hair thinning.

How to apply it:

  • After applying beard wash, take a pea-sized amount of softener in your hand.
  • Massage evenly onto beard.