Grooming Gifts That Are Dad-Approved

The time has come when you have to search for that perfect gift for your fathers. But isn’t that difficult when our fathers want the best for us and always question whenever we spend a dime on them, especially gifts? 

Sometimes, just tell them that you finally got medical insurance, or best, a Fixed Deposit! And trust us, that would be the best birthday gift for him! 

(Hey! We are spilling secrets here to make our fathers happy!) 

We are just joking! Or are we? 

But keeping all the jokes aside, finding gifts for our fathers can be challenging. Yes, sure, a pair of cufflinks or a new shirt may be a hit, and your father would love it! But what if we try to give him something that is helpful to him and conveys the message that you understand all his sacrifices. And now, you want him to take care of himself, even in the littlest ways possible! 

We have something up our sleeves that is unique and something that your father can’t deny loving! 

Well, what’s better than grooming dad-approved gifts? Well, like the way they have excelled in life and helped us be who we are today, it’s time that we also help them take care of themselves, starting with grooming gifts to make them feel special. 

Grooming Gifts by Dcraf! 

There are many misconceptions about skincare and grooming, in general. Many believe that grooming needs time and effort, but that is not true. And this is one prevalent reason why men shy away from grooming. 

Dcraf understands the men’s perspective and thus, offers you high-quality, vegan grooming products with ayurvedic ingredients to make them more effective. Also, these products have multiple uses, which decrease your overall time for grooming while giving you a fresh look in no time! 

Face Wash with Moisturiser

Most of our fathers have to travel every day, exposing them to pollution. And that makes them prone to many things, like premature ageing, skin issues, and overall, a dull look. 

But our fathers always act like they are young forever. So, why not contribute and make them look younger? 

A simple face wash combined with moisturizer for daily usage can make a difference. It’s all about quality ingredients, and that’s why you don’t have to deck their side of the closet with so many skincare products.

Dcraf’s Face Wash contains Jojoba Extract, Willow Extract, and Witch Hazel, making a face wash perfect for giving a fresh feel even after one use while exfoliating dead skin and dirt gently and controlling the sebum production. And our moisturizer contains Shea Butter, Red Algae Extract, and Tagetes Extract. These ingredients have multiple properties like boosting collagen production and healing cuts and bruises with anti-ageing properties while reducing fine lines and wrinkles! 

What? Are you shocked? 

Don’t be! We told you! Grooming for men can be simple yet powerful and effective! 

Now, don’t you think your father would always love looking and feeling young? 

Face Wash with Moisturiser and Serum 

With our face wash and face moisturizer, if you want to make your grooming kit a notch higher, add Dcraf’s face Serum. If your father has dry skin or uneven skin tone due to lack of skincare or prolonged exposure to the outside environment, then your father can’t deny but fall in love with the serum. 

It has Niacinamide, Vitamin C and Bakuchi Oil. These active, potent ingredients are a rage in the skincare industry, but the serum is nothing but a holy grail when combined. 

From the reduction of hyperpigmentation to reducing fine lines and wrinkles, this serum works for almost everything. It not only gives you an even skin tone but hydrates your skin deeply. 

Don’t you think this combo would get “Dad-Approved” immediately? 

Beard Oil plus Beard Softeners

How many times have you found your father trying to shape his moustache, or especially his handle-bars proudly? Or him trying every morning to shape his beard to look cool? 

No matter how much we complain or love it, beards and scruffs are a part of our dads’ whole persona. And we want to enhance it better. Dcraf’s vegan beard oil and beard softeners are perfect for your Dad. The Beard Oil makes the beard shinier, reduces premature greying, and nourishes hair roots, making the beard look healthy. And the Beard Softeners make the scruff soft and smooth while making it easier to shape and groom. Also, Dcraf’s softener helps prevent beard thinning and improves the blood circulation of the face while boosting the beard with antioxidants! 

This combo would be such a great addition to his whole grooming routine! 

Beard Wax

Does your father have a long beard? Does he always keep an eye on those who have nice, shaped box beards but wonders if he can ever get such a beard or maintain it? 

Well, gift him Dcraf’s Beard Wax. This beard beautification has the power to make your father look tip-top stat! It reduces split ends and gives it a strong natural hold, helping him style his beard in any way.

Well, our fathers deserve to look dapper and suave! Who knew you need only excellent quality Beard Wax and are ready for any occasion! 

Face Wash plus After Shave Lotion 

Whenever you shave, your skin is prone to more damage than before. The upper layer of the skin gets uneven. So, you may get a suntan or, worse, dull look with pores widening if you don’t take care of your skin post-shaving! 

Men are usually not aware of this, and thus, they sometimes miss an important step in their grooming routine, i.e., After Shave Lotion! 

Dcraf’s After Shave Lotion boosts skin regeneration while hydrating your skin and reducing inflammation. It also has antioxidant properties which help your skin heal, especially for cuts and wounds. 

Well, your father would fall in love with this Lotion! We promise you! 

Sunscreen: A Must Gift! 

Who doesn’t need sunscreen protection? 

We will take the leap here and say out loud that if you love your father, you will gift him a Sunscreen because you care about it. Sunscreen is more than just an addition to grooming. Long exposure to Sun makes him prone to many issues, including chronic pain illnesses like Skin Cancer. The UVA and UVB rays make the skin look dull, increase hyperpigmentation, and become the cause of premature ageing! 

Well, sunscreen is a must for anyone! So, gift your father Dcraf’s sunscreen and ensure that he uses it regularly! Also, this sunscreen boosts skin glow after every use due to the carrot extract. Also, it hydrates your skin while improving the skin texture! 

Such a finish to the whole daily grooming session! 


Well, fathers are simple who believe that life doesn’t come easy and do everything to make our life easier. Is there any way that we can ever repay them? No. Never. 

But all we can do is appreciate his doings, accept him with all his flaws, and help him in ways while making him feel better about himself. 

We believe that’s the ultimate gift for your father. That’s Dad-Approved thought! 

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