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Beard Serum - 30ml

  • Helps with a Thick Beard
  • Nourishes Growth
  • Strengthens Beard too!
  • Prevents Breakage
  • Simple to Use
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This happens to be the perfect formula for a thick and stronger beard. And it smells amazing. Buy it, try it.

- Rana Daggubati

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> Beard Serums are just like beard oil
> You dont need to use a beard serum everyday


> Beard Serum is a unique formula specially designed to provide your beard with required nourishment and optimal conditions to promote healthy beard growth.

> Not just that, it is highly recommended that beard serum be added to your everyday beard care routine as it promotes growth, softens and adds shine to your beard.


The Texture - Water-like liquid
The Aroma - Floral
Skin Feels - Nourished & soft
Skin Appears - Shiny & well groomed

Key Ingredients


  • Promotes Beard Growth
  • Nourishes Beard Hair
  • Controls Split Ends


  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Controls Excess Oil
  • Reduces Inflammation


  • Beard Hair Loss Control
  • Promotes Beard Hair Growth
  • Improves Beard Hair Density

How to use

Apply 3-5 drops and massage across beard.
Leave it on. Do it every day. It's that simple.

Detailed Benefits

  1. No Paraben | No Sulphate
  2. Dermatologically Tested
  3. 100% Cruelty Free | No Animal Testing
  4. 100% Vegan
  5. Ayush Certified

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Good Quality

I have very thin and patchy beard but after using this beard serum, I can easily observe difference, My beard is more thicker then earlier. Thanks Dcraf

Best beard Serum for men

The product comes with a best quality and packaging.

Best beard oil for men

I got this product for one of my friend, it was very good and delivery very fast

Awesome Feel

Bought it for Rana. Want a beard like him.

Great Product

Makes my beard smooth. Can try.

Beard Serum - Your partner for a thick and strong beard

Many guys love to grow their beards. But then, would you want to grow it when you have to deal with several issues like hair thinning, broken hair, patchy growth to name a few? Therefore, it is important for men to be mindful of using only quality grooming products to give their beard the care and love it needs and to minimise the issues mentioned earlier.

Beard Serum is an ideal grooming product that your beard requires for healthy growth. A beard serum is a grooming aid that not only encourages growth but also maintains the beard, keeps it moisturised, and thickens it.Additionally to accelerate beard growth, beard growth serums work very well! A high-quality beard growth serum has far more to offer to all beard lovers than only encouraging the growth of facial hair and decreasing itching. 

Compared to the hair on your head, beard hair often has a rough texture. Beard serum softens and makes the hair shinier. Additionally, it tames scraggly hair, giving your beard a cleaner, more polished appearance. Furthermore, it can help a sparse beard appear thicker and fuller.

Now, if you are looking for top-quality beard growth serum for yourself, then we have something for you! Dcraf’s Beard Growth Serum is the answer to all your beard-related questions! 

Tips to Improve Beard Growth

Growing a beard is a dream for most men. Some guys find it simpler to grow a beard than others, but not all beards can be done in the same manner. All it takes to achieve the dream is a little dedication if you really want to grow a beard.

If you're prepared to grow a beard, you cannot do it by yourself. You need help in the form of beard-friendly products and a focused plan about how you want your beard to look. You must be dedicated to the process and, most importantly, patient if you want to achieve that goal. Here are some pro tips that will assist you in improving your beard growth:

1. Do not shave it often

That is correct! Despite what we have all often been told since ages, shaving your beard does not increase the density of your hair or make it thicker. Age, genetics, hormonal levels and using best beard care products are just a few of the variables that affect hair follicle density. Shaving merely involves chopping off the hair strands. Due to the hair follicle's deep dermis layer location, the blade can never get close to it.

2. Beard care is skincare

Proper skin is the need of an hour if you wish to have a fuller and thicker beard. Taking care of your skin shields your beard against beard dandruff, inflammation, itchiness, and breakouts. Enhancing blood circulation also has the added benefit of accelerating hair growth and regeneration. Cleansers, exfoliants, and moisturisers are all part of a proper skincare routine that makes you feel good and look your best. These products support healthy hair follicles and improve blood flow.

3. Reduce Stress

We are all aware of the harmful consequences stress may have on the body, including the regrettable fact that it can inhibit beard development. The constant release of stress-related hormones, such as cortisol, affects testosterone levels very away. Another result of stress hormones is vasoconstriction, which lowers the flow of blood-carrying nutrients to the beard hair follicles.

Reduced stress can not only keep your body and mind healthy, but it can also help you grow a longer beard.

4. Use Beard Oil to stimulate growth

By using Dcraf's vegan beard growth oil on your beard, you can improve the health and elasticity of your skin, reawaken hair follicles, boost blood flow, which brings more nutrients to the patchy area of your beard, and encourage the production of collagen and keratin.

5. Enhance Your Diet

Our hair is made of a protein known as keratin. A balanced diet with the proper amount of protein helps promote hair growth by providing your body with the right building blocks to make hair grow thicker and stronger. Biotin, vitamin C, and vitamin E are elements found in a balanced diet that function as antioxidants and promote the growth of hair and a healthy-looking beard.

6. Consume A Lot of Water

Drinking enough water maintains your kidneys healthy and makes it possible for your body to remove toxins. Additionally, it keeps your skin hydrated and in good health. Skin that is happy has healthy hair follicles.

7. Apply Beard Serum

As soon as you start growing a beard, you realise how important beard growth serum is to maintaining the health of your facial hair. Vegan beard serum reduces irritated skin, controls split ends and keeps your beard hair looking healthy. All of this is made possible by a thin coating that is applied to the skin's surface, locking in moisture and avoiding dryness.

A little goes a long way. You only need just 3-4 drops of vegan beard serum applied close to the skin, depending on the length of your beard hair.

8. Wash and Condition your Beard

Maintaining a thicker beard properly is necessary. Your beard may appear thicker if the hairs are thicker looking and healthy. Using a beard wash is a quick, easy way to maintain the hair on your face. Shampooing your beard removes dirt and bacteria, as well as prevents dryness and itching.

Get a strong beard with DCRAF’s beard growth serum

Your beard may make or break your appearance. You don’t want to look untidy, which an untamed, frizzy beard might do. So we advise you on the best beard growth serum in India, i.e., DCRAF’s Beard Serum, for all your beard problems. For men, this beard thickening serum serves as the beard elixir. The ingredients are carefully chosen and entirely vegan. The argan oil-infused serum aids in giving gloss to the beard while reducing frizziness by locking moisture. If you suffer itching from a dry beard, the willow bark extract in DCRAF’s Beard Serum will prevent inflammation while lowering sebum production. Which ingredient do you think is most important in men’s beard serum? The extract from Bacaphil! It has been demonstrated that this extract promotes dense, uniform beard growth. So, now trimming your beard will become simple and as stylish as you want it to be. Improve the beard density with Dcraf’s Vegan beard serumFor far too long, men’s beard care has been neglected. Because of this, most guys don’t like to bother about the impact of the ingredients in the products they use and how they could affect their skin. Though we do! Dcraf’s vegan serum is the ideal vegan grooming product for your luscious beard. Vegan grooming products don’t have any animal ingredients or byproducts. Instead, natural and organic ingredients are used to make DCRAF’s vegan beard serum which also tends to be softer on your skin. DCRAF’s growth serum has fewer artificial substances, and the risk of allergies, itching, or breakouts is also minimised. The nutritional value of DCRAF’s vegan beard serum will help you grow and moisturize your beard well!

How Dcraf’s Vegan Beard Serum gives extra nourishment to your beard

Dcraf’s beard serum online is a composition of vegan components such as Argan Oil, Willow Bark Extract and Baicapil. Let’s check out their advantages in stimulating your beard growth.

Argan Oil

Argan oil when infused in beard serum has a plethora of wonderful advantages for your beard and moustache. Because of its numerous benefits—including those that condition and hydrate facial hair, soften and moisturise skin, lessen beard irritation, eliminate split ends, and get rid of flakiness that leads to dandruff—argan oil has been revered as liquid gold for ages.

Argan oil aids in straightening up and taming bald spots in your beard or moustache so they appear fuller and thicker. The oil makes it simpler to shape and style hair by sealing in moisture against each strand. Additionally, it supports healthy hair follicles, resulting in thicker, healthier whiskers.

Willow Bark Extract

Willow Bark itself comprises of natural ingredients such as Salicin, Tannins and Polyphenols that have anti-inflammatory properties, help tone and tighten the skin near the beard and fights free radicals etc. For men who are dealing with patchy beard issues, Dcraf’s vegan beard serum infused with Willow Bark Extract works miracles in stimulating your beard growth and preventing it from roughness and dryness.


Baicapil aids in the regrowth of hair. Due to the fact that it provides mature and dormant hair follicles with sufficient nutrition and oxygen, baicapil significantly reduces overall hair loss and promotes hair regrowth in patchy areas. With regular usage of Dcraf’s beard serum online you can see a significant change in the overall appearance of your beard.

Solve patchy beard issues with Dcraf’s Beard Growth Serum

It’s natural to wish for fuller and thicker beards after seeing individuals with amazing beards on Instagram. But when you attempt it, something seems off. You start to see that some areas of your cheeks haven't fully developed. Or perhaps your chin doesn't appear to be as full as you'd want.

A beard serum online from Dcraf comes with natural active ingredients that help in stimulating the growth of beard follicles and the non-activated beard follicles are given an additional stimulus to grow. It raises hair to give your amazing beard more volume or at least the appearance of volume. In addition to increasing blood flow to the area beneath your beard, beard serum encourages the growth of your beard.

DCRAF by Rana Daggubati - Your ideal grooming partner

The finest components are used to manufacture products by DCRAF, and we also use the most ethical sourcing practices.We are completely paraben-free, sulphate-free and vegan to deliver the best quality products to you. So, all you need to do to start your grooming journey is to get DCRAF products and follow a simple regime! It’s that easy. 

Rana Daggubati, founder of DCRAF, uses and adores the wonderful beard serum. This natural beard serum is vegan and free of animal testing. It is free of harsh chemicals and contains healthy organic nutrients, including argan oil, willow bark extract, and bacapil extract. It is easily one of the best products you’d find in the market today.

Think about these advantages of a well-kept beard: It's smooth, clean, and soft. It's not itchy. Additionally, you'll get praise for how stunning it looks. The difference is in the upkeep, in the products and equipment that raises your chin hedges beyond other guys' bush-league beards in stature. Fill your beard kit with these Dcraf’s beard men’s grooming products online such as beard growth oil, beard softener for men, and after-shave lotion online are a few of the finest beard care products that can help you gain more compliments and confidence that will follow.

Other than beard serums, DCRAF has many other products like men’s beard wax, Beard wash, Beard softener, Stud beard combo, Dude beard combo, and Grooming combo kit to groom and maintain your beard well! We also offer other face care products like Sunscreen, Face serum, and Face moisturizer for everyday use.

We can assure you that it is a purchase you won’t regret. Additionally, it looks fantastic on your shelf. Therefore, if you’ve previously neglected or postponed buying personal care items. You now no longer have a reason to!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does beard serum help growth?

Yes absolutely! Beard serum has ingredients such as Argan Oil, Baicapil and Willow Bark Extract that help the beard to grow, thicken and get into the right shape!

Can I use it every day?

Yes! If you use 3-5 drops of beard serum everyday and properly massage your beard with it, it will help your beard grow and will make it healthy.

How often should I use vegan beard serum?

For best results, it is advisable to use vegan beard growth serum at least twice a day- once in the early hours before beginning the day and once in the evening before going to bed.

How long does this beard growth serum last?

Dcraf’s simple-to-use facial hair growth serum last approximately for 5-6 hours on your beard hair, making it look fuller and nourished.

Is this vegan beard serum?

Yes, Dcraf’s beard serum online is infused with natural ingredients such as Argan Oil, Willow Bark Extract and Baicapil.

What are the different ingredients of Dcraf’s vegan beard serum?

Various ingredients used in Dcraf’s best beard serum are Argan Oil, Baicapil and Willow Bark Extract.

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