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Beard Wax - 50gms

  • Helps Style Beard
  • Gives Strong Hold
  • Provides Breakage Control
  • Simple to Use
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Well kept beards are an artform, they need to be sculpted. Use this Beard Wax to sculpt yours.

- Rana Daggubati

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
The Best

The Best Beard Wax I have ever used. It's just awesome as Rana Daggubati

Result oriented

I have been using this product from last 20 days, and the results are amazing. Highly recommended product for a men

Good quality

Product was very good and packging also very nice.

Awesome product

It is tough for me to style my beard. My friend recommends this bead wax. I use this product, and now it's effortless for me to style my beard. The best part is its sulphate and paraben-free. A must try bear wax.

Styling partner

I want to style my beard like Rana and will use Dcraf for it.

Key Ingredients


  • Promotes Beard Growth
  • Nourishes Hair
  • Reduces Split Ends


  • Controls Hair Fall
  • Conditions Hair and Skin
  • Antioxidant Properties


  • Moisturizing
  • Improves Beard Hold
  • Softens Beard Hair

How to use

Wash & dry beard. Apply a bit of beard wax to style and shape.
It's that simple.

Detailed Benefits

  1. No Paraben | No Sulphate
  2. Dermatologically Tested
  3. 100% Cruelty Free | No Animal Testing
  4. Ayush Certified

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Dcraf’s Beard Wax - Your Styling Partner! 

 One aspect of a man that stands out the most is his beard. Beard establishes a masculine appearance and has become a fashion statement for men.

But is growing a beard as simple as we believe it to be? Obviously not. Growing and maintaining a beard with the utmost care and perfection is not a simple game. If you are fond of keeping a beard, it's important to nurture it just like any other body part, as an unruly beard can make you look untidy.  

Simply adding the best male beard waxing product to your beard grooming kit will unquestionably help you maintain a strong and stylish beard style. It's first important to comprehend this beard growth and nourishment remedy and then use it to improve your beard styling.

Beard wax helps in maintaining beard health and promotes rapid growth.  It makes the hair follicles in your beard softer and helps it retain moisture. Also, the best beard wax for men aids in keeping your beard in good form, which undoubtedly improves one’s appearance. Hence, if you enjoy keeping a well-styled beard, you would need a quality beard wax to accomplish it. For buying a good quality beard wax, you don't have to hunt a lot. Dcraf by Rana Duggabatti offers an amazing beard wax online to level up your beard game. Let's deep dive into this popular product. 

Men Beard Wax for All-day Beard Styling by Dcraf

A carefully trimmed beard is a man’s best accessory. Make your beard appear like a conscious choice rather than the result of utter indolence if you want to look good with facial hair. Washing, nourishing, and styling are essential elements in your beard care routine. Each of these steps can be best accomplished with products made specifically for that purpose, such as beard wash, beard oil, and beard wax, respectively.

The styling of your beard is the final step in beard maintenance. You need specific solutions in addition to routine trimming to keep your beard under control, especially if it is longer than average. The best beard wax gives a hydrating layer to your beard and keeps it styled and in place due to several essential oils.

Forget Beard Breakage with Dcraf’s Beard Wax for men

Having a beard is considered equivalent to having a lengthy beard; both require the same level of maintenance. If you don't care about them, they start to look dry and faded, which destroys your incredible manly appearance and leaves you feeling hopeless.You need to use various beard care products to stop that, and Dcraf's best beard wax is amongst the best choice for it. .

The best beard wax is a necessary item for everyone who wants their beard to look presentable. It provides you with a clean, polished, and appealing appearance. Dcraf’s men’s beard wax comes with its own benefits, and is free from harsh chemicals such as parabens and sulphates, which in the long run can cause damage to your beard. Dcraf’s beard wax online is infused with essential components such as Argan oil, Shea Butter and Bakuchi Oil. Let’s check out their benefits in detail and place your order for beard wax online now!

Shea Butter

Since shea butter is beneficial for the skin, it has been used for years in cosmetic products for the skin and hair, including our beard wax. In addition to giving the skin essential fatty acids and the nutrients required for collagen development, it is high in vitamins A, E, and F. It moisturises the beard follicles from within, thus giving it a stronghold and softening the beard hair. Buy Dcraf’s beard wax online to complete your look.

Argan Oil

Argan oil is known for softening dry, unruly hair, making it easy to achieve your preferred style and taming unruly beards. It nourishes beard hair by reducing split ends and promoting beard hair growth. The best beard wax is always infused with Argan Oil.

Bakuchi Oil

Because of its antifungal and antibacterial qualities, Bakuchi oil helps curb infections because it prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria. Due to its anti-inflammatory qualities, it also helps to prevent skin inflammation. The presence of Bakuchi Oil in beard wax conditions beard hair and skin beneath the beard, thus controlling beard hair fall and preventing patchy beards.


Apart from Beard wax online, Dcraf offers a wide range of skincare products, face care products online and other beard care products online for men, such as face serum, best moisturiser for men, vegan face scrub for men, vegan face wash for men, sunscreen for men, beard oil for men, etc.

Give your Beard the best care with Dcraf's Beard Wax 

Dcraf's men's beard wax provides a strong hold to your beard that shapes the beard and  makes it look sharp and stylish throughout the day. Ideal for preserving that handlebar or for folks who want a neat, straight beard style. It also aids in preventing scruffiness and frizz from the beard, making it look well-groomed.

Free from harsh chemicals such as paraben and sulphate, Dcraf's beard wax online is infused with natural ingredients such as Argan Oil, Bakuchi Oil, and Shea Butter. 

The antioxidant properties of Bakuchi Oil condition beard hair and skin, reducing beard hair fall. Shea Butter moisturizes and softens the beard hair, thus improving beard hold. Argan Oil reduces split ends and promotes beard growth.

So, what are you waiting for?  Style and shape your beard with Dcraf's cruelty-free and dermatologically approved beard wax.

Dcraf by Rana Daggubati: Why Choose It?

Dcraf by Rana Daggubati strives to redefine men's grooming by developing distinctive products using the best ingredients that are simple to use but extremely effective. Dcraf believes men are simple and so should be groomed.
Catering to men's face, beard, and skin needs, the brand offers 100% vegan and dermatologically tested products that are made with natural ingredients, and suitable for all skin types. Pampering yourself comes easy with our simple-to-use products.

Remember that the key to effective male grooming isn't to spend all your money on a thousand different items. Likewise, it's not spending all day alone in the restroom. It is about choosing the right products that suit you and keeping your regime simple! 

DCRAF offers must-have grooming combo kits to make the grooming process more convenient.  Pick a beard combo or a face combo that suits your needs and you’ll be all set to start your grooming journey with little or no extra effort.  

A properly groomed and trimmed beard enhances your individuality. Try Dcraf's exclusive, vegan-only beard care products, including beard hair oil, beard serum, beard wash, and men's beard softener.

How to Get the Best of Beard Wax?

The beard is held in place and styled with beard wax. As a result, you won't have to worry about dishevelled hair or hair that is trying to go in your mouth while you are speaking or eating. Here’s how you must apply and get the most out of beard wax for men to have a well-groomed beard.

  1. Before applying beard wax, ensure your beard and the area around it are clean and dry to get the most excellent results.
  2. Scoop a tiny bit of the wax onto your palm using a beard comb. Apply it to one side of the beard and gently massage it until it is absorbed.
  3. Before styling the next side of the beard, use the comb to shape the first side into your desired form.

It's time to look at the beard from the other side. Simply scoop out the same quantity of wax and apply it to your hand's palm. Apply it to the opposite side of the beard and gently massage it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use beard wax every day?

Definitely yes! You can use beard hair wax daily to keep your beard sturdy and styled. It helps you maintain your look throughout the day. 

Is beard wax good for your beard?

 Dcraf offers the best beard wax for men and is free from harsh chemicals such as paraben and sulphate. It’s made with key natural ingredients that make it suitable for everyone and is dermatologically approved.  Buy the best quality beard wax online from Dcraf now!

How does this men’s beard wax work?

Beard wax is a styling tool that lets your beard have a trendy look. Essential oils present in the beard wax give your beard the required stronghold while simultaneously nourishing and moisturising it. It works well with a long beard. Your facial hair, too, benefits from being moisturised and treated with beard wax.

How long does this beard wax for men last?

Dcraf’s dermatologically tested best beard wax for men lasts approximately up to 6 hours. However, its lasting nature also depends on your beard hair’s thickness. 

Can I also use this men’s beard wax for my hair and moustache?

Beard wax for men is used to mould beard hair into a predefined shape, giving your beard a tidy, spiky appearance. You can also do your moustache with male beard waxing products and give it a defined look.

How often should I apply beard hair wax?

Best Beard wax from Dcraf can be used on a daily basis to style your beard. Scoop some of the wax out onto your palms, then rub them together. You may distribute the product evenly throughout your facial hair once it has dissolved. After setting your beard with a brush, you're done.

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