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Face Serum - 30ml

  • Gives Radiant Skin
  • Helps with Skin Repair
  • Has Anti-ageing Effects
  • Simple to Use
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You don’t have to call “the guy” to repair your skin. Just use this Serum instead.

- Rana Daggubati

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> Myth: Men don't need a Face Serum
> Face serums should be applied only once a day
> Men have to apply Face serum only on special occasions


Men do need a Face Serum Since men have thicker and oilier skin that ages differently, they need to apply face serum which helps in repairing their skin and providing needed nourishment. Applying Face Serum twice a day would do wonders to our skin.


The Texture - Water Like
The Aroma - Vibrant
Skin Feels - Smooth & Hydrated
Skin Appears - Youthful and Rejuvenated

Key Ingredients


  • Anti-Ageing Properties
  • Reduces Fine Lines
  • Moisturizes Skin


  • Treats Hyper pigmentation
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Brightens Skin Tone


  • Fades Dark Spots
  • Antioxidant Powerhouse
  • Adds Radiance and evens Skin Tone

How to use

Apply 3-4 drops & massage. Leave it on. Do it every day.
It's that simple.

Detailed Benefits

  1. No Paraben | No Sulphate
  2. Dermatologically Tested
  3. 100% Cruelty Free | No Animal Testing
  4. 100% Vegan
  5. Ayush Certified

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
One of the best face serum

I have been using this product from a long time, it helps in glowing skin and helps in skin repair.

best product ever

I Gifted it to my husband, It works very well.

Govind K.
Rana's d Best

Want to grow beard like Rana

Prashant Mehta

Smells really good, Non-sticky. Better than other brands I tried.

 Why Natural Face Serum is Important for Men's Skincare

While there wasn't much available on the beauty shelves for males in the earlier years—or, to be more precise, a decade and a half earlier. Men's skin has traditionally been more resilient.

But with the passage of time and the decline in quality of life, a lot of pollutants, chemicals, and toxins come into contact with men's skin or are absorbed through air or water, along with general sun, wind, and dirt. This only became a problem in the last 20 years when pollution took control. There was no indication of even a men's personal face wash back in 2000. Talcum and soap were the vices, but the severe skin pollution necessitated the use of face serum for men.

Natural face serums are essentially modern-day elixirs that are produced from finely ground natural extracts like fruit and plant sap and delivered to you unaffected by synthetic substances. Just a few drops and some gentle massaging, twice daily, is all that is needed to use Dcraf’s vegan face serum for men effectively. It magically seeps into the skin and replenishes it with essential nutrients. Serums treat the skin and prolong its youthful suppleness and smoothness. Face serums contain active ingredients such as vitamins and minerals that penetrate the inner skin cells, as opposed to moisturising creams and fairness creams, which only function on the skin's outer layer. Face serum is therefore the finest daily beauty tip for men.

Dcraf’s Face Serum for Men - An Ideal Partner for Face Care Routine

The foundation of immaculate grooming is a consistent skin-care regimen. You'll experience fewer acne, less dryness, inflammation, and delay in the signs of ageing with well-cared-for skin. The satisfaction of taking care of yourself is more consequential than the process. It lets you feel good about yourself.

You probably believe that your skin care regimen is perfect. So what else is there to say but clean, mask, moisturize, and use sunscreen? You might lose if you haven't included a natural face serum in the mix. 

Not sure why you should include the best male face serum in your routine or what advantages it offers? If you're considering improving your skincare routine, keep reading to find out everything there is to know about face serums for men and the various benefits of using them.

Dcraf’s Vegan Face Serum for men Ingredients

Veganism has gained popularity as more and more people around the world are becoming more environmentally conscious and giving up practices that may have a negative impact on the environment either directly or indirectly. And, the skincare industry too, has joined the league! 

We now know that vegans often avoid eating meat and even animal derivatives like milk and cheese. Similar to dietary limitations, vegan skincare prohibits the use of components derived from animals in product creation.

Similarly, Dcraf’s natural face serum for men is 100% vegan and is dermatologically tested to be safe on all skin types. Let’s check out its ingredients!

1. Bakuchi oil

Dcraf’s face serum for men includes this miracle plant-based skincare component Bakuchi Oil. It is obtained from the Psoralea corylifolia plant's leaves and seeds. Another name for this product is a natural retinol substitute for various anti-aging-related problems such fine lines, wrinkles, crow's feet, discoloration from environmental exposures, and sun damage.

Benefits of Bakuchi Oil for Skin:

●  Collagen Synthesis

Collagen synthesis is stimulated by Bakuchi Oil. In human bodies, collagen is a protein that occurs naturally. The amount of it in our bodies affects the suppleness and firmness of our skin. The oil helps to produce it, preserving the skin's elasticity and firmness.

● Hydrates the Skin around

All skin types, particularly dry ones, are soothed by bakuchi oil's extreme moisturising power. It nourishes the skin by penetrating in it deeply.

● Deals with Hyperpigmentation

When melanin production in the skin increases, hyperpigmentation occurs. Dark spots or patches develop as a result of this. These blemishes are lessened by face serum for men infused with bakuchi oil.

2. Niacinamide Oil

A derivative of vitamin B3, which is crucial for the development and operation of your skin’s cells, is niacinamide. Niacinamide is the newest and most adored superhero in skincare. It is the one component of your skincare products that makes the other components of your routine function more effectively. Face serum infused with niacinamide has numerous benefits because of its endearing qualities, and the magical part about the ingredient is that it gets along with all skin types, even sensitive skin. That's why it's a fantastic complement to your skincare regimen!

Benefits of Niacinamide Oil for Skin:

● Deals with Dry Skin

By avoiding the loss of natural moisture, shielding it from drying out, and lowering the risk of dry spots, flaky skin, and becoming too sensitive, serums infused with niacinamide oil helps keep the skin hydrated.

● Skin-brightening

The oil’s moisturising, calming, restorative, and protecting qualities work in concert to improve skin's health and brightness and give it a long-lasting, lit-from-within shine.

● Controls the production of oil

It controls sebum production and prevents skin from becoming overly greasy. This lessens the likelihood of skin imperfections like blackheads and whiteheads.

● Addresses acne

The natural face serum's strong anti-inflammatory qualities work swiftly to relieve acne. Additionally, it clears any bacterial infections from the skin pores, lowering the likelihood of subsequent outbreaks.

Vitamin c

Most people's skincare routines include vitamin C, which is considered to be the Holy Grail in men’s grooming products. It is not surprising that vitamin C serums, sheet masks, face creams, and other vitamin C skincare products, particularly vitamin C serum for face, have steadily made their way to shelves all over the world due to their ability to slow down the ageing process of your skin and add a juicy glow to dull and lacklustre skin. One of the best nutrients to concentrate on if you want clear, spot-free skin is vitamin C. With regular application, a vitamin C face serum for men can also assist in giving your skin a lighter, more luminous tone.

Benefits of Vitamin C for Skin:

● Deals with Skin Discoloration

Vitamin C-infused face serum for men might be able to assist you to have a more even skin tone and healthier complexion if you are dealing with skin redness or other skin blemishes. Vitamin C is effective at minimising unsightly redness. You might notice that your skin tone is more even after just a few applications.

● Boosts a Youthful Glow

It's wise to take proactive measures to prevent wrinkles, sagging skin, fine lines, and other ageing symptoms regardless of your age. Vitamin C evens out skin tone and brightens the complexion in addition to boosting the formation of collagen, which can help your skin look younger for longer.

Improve Your Skin Quality with Dcraf’s Vegan Face Serum for Men

Vegan products contain natural and plant-based ingredients. It does not contain any components, byproducts, or items obtained from animals. Apart from being cruelty free, vegan products also have a host of benefits for your skin.You must be wondering how a few animal components in any product can make so much difference. Whether you have sensitive skin or any other particular concerns, cutting the animal products from your skin care means reducing the chemicals associated with them.

Additionally, plants are the best source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, which are the best ways to hydrate, safeguard, and nourish your skin. Dcraf’s vegan face serum for men comes with all-natural key ingredients such as Bakuchi Oil, Niacinamide, and Vitamin C, which help skin repair resulting in radiant skin and has anti-ageing properties. Vitamin C, an antioxidant powerhouse, when combined with Niacinamide, works wonders on your skin by brightening skin tone, treating hyperpigmentation, fading dark spots, and evens out the skin tone. Bakuchi Oil moisturizes skin and reduces the signs of ageing. 

At Dcraf, our focus is to provide a vegan skincare regimen for men that is pure, effective, and suitable for all skin types. All you need for your skin to be healthier and happier is our cruelty-free and dermatologically safe men’s skin care product assortment. 

Free from harsh chemicals such as Parabens and Sulphates, our best serum for men is a must-have in your daily routine.

Benefits of using Dcraf’s Face Serum 

  • Hydrates Skin

If you are missing 1 or 2 glasses from a recommended 8 to 10 glasses of water daily, you can still compensate your skin by using a hydrating serum to give it the moisture it needs to look its best. The best serum for men is incredibly moisturizing skincare items that may fight dryness and transform your lifeless, dehydrated skin into one that is nourished and healthy. Bakuchi Oil, a potent moisturizer found in Dcraf’s face serum for men, aids in locking moisture for soft, smooth skin.

  • Say Bye to Skin Imperfections and Blemishes 

Upsetting blemishes and skin imperfections like acne scars, red spots, pigmentation, and dark circles can seriously detract from your ability to achieve flawless skin. Try a men’s face serum with skin-lightening components such as Niacinamide and Vitamin C to heal your scars and blemishes and reveal brighter, more beautiful skin if nothing else seems to be working on those obstinate imperfections. Natural face serum aid in cell repair and regeneration, which speeds up the healing of scars and the reduction of blemishes compared to other skincare products. It leaves your skin looking healthy and flawless from the inside out.

  • Prevents Acne 

If you likely have oily skin, you are reluctant to apply an oily serum to your already oily skin. You might believe that using a man's face serum will exacerbate your oily skin problems and cause additional breakouts, but we're happy to assure you that this is untrue. Dcraf’s men's face serum for oily skin is beneficial for oily skin types and can be used regularly for better skin. Bakuchi Oil, Vitamin C extracts, and Niacinamide are just a few of the tried-and-true oil-fighting components packed into the best face serum for men. They help keep excess oil in check and mattify your skin rather than leaving it sticky and oily.

  • Feel feather-like on the Skin

Among skin care products, serums are less heavy than moisturizers. The best serum for men gets absorbed into your skin more readily due to its thinner viscosity. Therefore, face serum is a great starting point for layering. Vegan face serum for men doesn't feel heavy or greasy because it absorbs swiftly into your skin.

  • Gives You Younger-Looking Skin

Have you seen wrinkles, smile lines, or crow's foot on your dull skin? It's time to get yourself a natural face serum that has required concentrations of antioxidants and active compounds like Vitamin C and Niacinamide. They excel at reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots while also giving your skin a radiant glow.

Points to Keep in Mind while Buying Men’s Face Serum Online

1. Consider Your Skin Type

It's crucial to know your skin type before spending money on a face serum for men. How do you plan to identify your skin type? The simplest approach to determine is to examine your skin when you wake up. Do you have oily skin when you wake up, do you sense dryness on some parts of your face, or are there no significant changes to your skin? For your skin type or issue, a different active component will work. For instance, a serum with components like salicylic acid, which prevents acne outbreaks, is ideal for people with skin that is prone to breakouts.

2. Check for Ingredients

Once you are aware of your skin type, check for the ingredients of the men's face serum online. Generally, these ingredients are mentioned at the back of the product or in the description corner of the product. List the items that would be best for your skin type. While shopping online, you might feel tempted to buy a variety of face serums, but this strategy can backfire. Only use ingredients that are appropriate for your skin type or issue. The best option in this case is to go with Dcraf’s vegan face serum for men as it contains all-natural ingredients and is suitable for all skin types.

3. Customer Reviews

Before finalising any particular serum, go online and search for customer reviews, it will showcase a clear picture of the product. Shoppers who have walked in your shoes before can teach you more. Both, your time and money can be saved while reviewing their feedback about the product. Reviews can be used, for instance, to decide whether a men’s face serum online will support your skin goals.

But keep in mind that each person's skin is unique. Not all products are effective for every skin type. Make sure the product works for the majority of people while reading reviews. If not, you are aware to cross that item off your list.

4. Identify Skin Concern

Once your skin type has been established, give a thought on why you want to purchase a men’s face serum online. Do you, for instance, desire to enhance your daily routine? Identify the issues you are having. When you have specific products and solutions in mind, you can find them. If not, it could be difficult for you to locate the products you actually need to keep healthy skin.

5. Aroma

The aroma of the natural face serum is another important factor for buyers. While some people love products fragranced with rose, lavender, or other fresh aromas, others are allergic to scented products.

Why Choose Dcraf by Rana Daggubatti for Men's Grooming?

Dcraf, a brand dedicated to men, aims to revolutionize men's grooming game by creating unique vegan products using the best natural ingredients. Our men’s grooming kit includes products related to men's skin, face, and beard needs. All vegan and natural products are dermatologically tested and are proven safe on all skin types. Dcraf guarantees all skin types will be satisfied with its cruelty-free, dermatologist-tested products.

All our skincare products ranging from face cream,  best serum for men, face moisturizer for menafter shave lotionvegan face wash for men, face scrub for men, and men’s sunscreen cream, are exclusively designed keeping in mind what the male skin needs. 

With Dcraf, you can indulge yourself like never before with the best products for men's grooming, such as face care products, skin care products, and beard products online. In addition to skincare, men's grooming involves beard care. A properly maintained and trimmed beard highlights your uniqueness. Try Dcraf's vegan-only, exclusive beard care products, such as the men's beard wax onlinebeard growth oilbeard serum online, and beard softener.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it ok to apply serum on the face daily?

Yes, the best face serum for men is secure and mild enough to be applied every day. Most skincare professionals strongly advise that you incorporate it into your everyday practice.

Can I apply face serum directly on the face?

The skin will have more time to absorb the active components if the man face serum is applied first. Hence, you can use it directly after washing your wash and spraying it with a toner. 

Is face serum for men different from women?

Men’s skin is different from women's and is prone to building more collagen. Hence, the best face serum for men is different from that of a woman. It has high concentrations of Vitamin C.

How long should I leave a face serum on my face?

Apply natural face serum and wait five minutes for them to soak before moisturizing. You should be aware that well-prepared serums absorb fast and vanish into your skin.

Do you need a moisturizer after serum?

Absolutely yes, the best male face serum provides hydration to the skin, and for locking in that hydration, the moisturizer plays an important role. Hence, you need to put on a moisturizer for double protection.


Is this face serum for men suitable for every skin type?

Dcraf’s vegan face serum for men is ideal for all skin types ranging from dry, normal, oily, sensitive and combination skin types.

What are the checks before buying natural face serums for men online?

Before adding men’s face serum online to your shopping cart you must check for its ingredients, whether is it suitable for your skin type, whether is it dermatologically tested and last but not least the customer reviews.

How long does this natural face serum last?

Natural Vitamin C face serum online at Dcraf last for approximately 6-8 hours on the skin. It is advisable to include it in your daycare routine twice a day, once during the morning after cleansing your face and secondly at night before going to bed.

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