21+ swag quotes & captions for your beard

It’s time to sharpen your beard game skills! Beards must be celebrated with style and class, whether you have a boxed beard or a power beard. Beard itself is a style statement, and if maintained well, it can change your whole look. So keep a trimmer and shaver on your shelf to always be beard ready! 

Men dream of having beards like Hollywood and Bollywood stars like Radcliffe, Gosling, Daggubati, etc. But it takes a lot of time and effort to maintain a beard and make it look good. So, we understand when you finally have a beard, you want to show the world your new fashion quotient and up your social media game. For social media, you need quality pictures. Your beard makes you look photoshoot ready, so you are always ready to pose.

But with a picture, you need a caption that captures the essence of who you are and also makes your beard look like a hero! Come on, we all know that you have invested much time and care on your beard! It’s time to own it and show it off with pride! 

To make your word game strong and easy, Dcraf brings you a lot of Beard quotes that are perfect for all kinds of beards. 

You can enjoy your beard while we play with words for you! 

  1. Do you want to stand apart from the crowd? Grow a beard! 
  2. If she says, “I love your beard!” Keep her forever! 
  3. Age? What’s that? I have a beard! Does that qualify for age? 
  4. Beard is the new Abs! 
  5. Boys wear dresses to impress. I am a man. I grow my beard to make statements! 
  6. Handsome or Beard-some? You choose. 
  7. Live with a beard stroke. 
  8. I don’t care about the dress. My beard takes care of that. 
  9. A man learns what true love is from his beard. It takes time to start. It takes a lot of effort and care to keep it healthy. But it never ends. 
  10. My beard captures hearts. That’s why I keep it thick and long! 
  11. Just like success, growing a beard takes time. And a series of failures! Don’t give up! 
  12. Is it hot outside? I thought it was my beard! 
  13. The longer and the better the beard is, the more the man has the patience to deal with life. 
  14. Do you want to be taken seriously? Grow a beard. 
  15. Do you want to make a point? Come with a boxed beard! 
  16. Beard is a symbol of pride. Own it with class. 
  17. Men carry the crown under their faces. It’s the beard. 
  18. The better the beard is, the more awesome you are. 
  19. I don’t talk. I let my beard speak out loud! 
  20. I may not have a jawline. But I have a beard! 
  21. Men’s idea of meditation? Beardification!
  22. A Man without a Beard is like a Lion without Mane
  23. Excuse me, sir, could you please grow your beard? Your girlfriend is staring at me.
  24. True Love Story is Like a Beard of a Man
  25. A Man without his Mane is like a Tea without Sugar!
  26. Men don’t Cry, We Water our Beard.
  27. This Beard needs Beer
  28. Vikings, Santa and Lincoln, Need I say More?

Beards are unique and an extension of a man’s character. Each one is special and needs to be treated as such! But growing a beard can be challenging. But to find the style of beard which suits who you are is another ball game. Just like how hair is vital for most women, a beard is essential for men to feel secure and grow their self-esteem. Your beard speaks volumes about who you are, so a well-maintained beard can also help add an edge as your best feature. 

A beard is very personal, and so is the style. Some may love a “rough and tough” look. Some may love a soft scruffy beard. The beard style depends on your face shape, structure, hair type, and who you are, in general. But with a great beard comes great responsibility. 

(Insert emoji of Peter Parker but with a beard.) 

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