7 Easy And Quick Ways Of Grooming

While men understand the importance of grooming, many find it highly complicated and time-consuming and, as a result, shy away from it. To address this concern, DCRAF brings grooming tips for men.

7 Grooming Tips For Men

Grooming is not just about washing your face or getting your hair done. It enhances your whole appearance. But the grooming process seems to be complicated  to many, and thus,  they avoid grooming altogether. Below are a few grooming tips for men that will up your grooming game without complicating the process.

It starts with a cleanser! 

When it comes to grooming, using a cleanser or face wash must be your priority. It helps you get rid of all the dirt and debris accumulated on your skin. Buy a face wash that does not rip your skin off the natural oils and leaves it hydrated and refreshed.

Exfoliate all the dirt away! 

Although a face wash is effective, it does not eliminate the dirt stuck in the pores. Therefore, using a face scrub is a must if you have enlarged pores. This will give you a deep cleanse and regulate sebum formation. Exfoliating your skin too often tends to rip your skin off the natural oils. Thus, limit exfoliation to twice a week.

Trim and Wash Your Beard

Are you tired of beard hair being dry and rough? Or want to shave off the whiskers because of too much itching? It is time to invest in good and effective products for your beard. Start by going for a crisp beard trim to get rid of dry ends. Next, use a beard wash to keep your beard follicles clean. This will prevent itching and boost growth. You can use a DCRAF Stud Beard Combo to give your beard holistic grooming.

Use Serum And Oil For A Healthy Beard Growth

Taking care of your beard and overall grooming is easy and simple if you know what products to use. Many of you might skip the beard serum or beard oil and wonder why your beard growth is slow. Using a serum and oil give your follicles all the essential nutrients that help boost beard growth. 

Include Beard Softener And Beard Wax For An Easy Grooming

Have routine visits to the salon to tame your whiskers? Get ease and simplify your grooming by adding a beard wax and beard softener to your grooming kit. A beard softener will repair your beard strands and give you a frizz-free beard. On the other hand, a beard wax will give your beard strands a stronghold and prevent breakage. You can also try different beard styles easily and conveniently. This will help you set your beard as per your wishes and save your time and energy.  

Don’t forget to use an after-shave lotion.

Got a recent beard trimming? Don’t forget to massage your beard with an after-shave lotion. After a good shave, leaving your skin defenceless can make your skin prone to infections. Using an after-shave lotion is an easy way to prevent any susceptible damage to your skin. Apart from protecting the skin, after-shave lotion repairs and restores your skin while keeping it refreshed.

SPF Everyday! 

Having a suntan is attractive, but you can lose your brownie points when the tanning is in excess. Sun exposure leaves a tan and causes sunburns, and pigmentation, widened pores, etc. Therefore, make sure you use sunscreen with SPF 30 or more every day. Sunscreen should be reapplied in 3-4 hours for the best effects.