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Face Scrub - 100gms

  • Gives Smooth Skin
  • Exfoliates Skin
  • Helps with Rejuvenation
  • Simple to Use
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With this face scrub your skin won’t be just smooth. It’ll be smoooooooth. Trust me.

- Rana Daggubati

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We make our products responsibly: It’s that simple



> Face Scrubs are for special occasions
> Using face scrubs results in dry and irritated skin.


> Face scrub works by gently exfoliating dead skin cells from the skin, reducing the potential for clogged pores and acne breakouts

> Using face scrub 2-3 times a week gives you a brighter and even tone. Dcraf Face Scrub is made for all skin types.


The Texture - Cream based with granules
The Aroma - Fruity
Face Feels - Smooth & soft
Face Appears - Clean & fresh

Key Ingredients


  • Skin Healing Properties
  • Antioxidant
  • Removes Excess Oil from Pores


  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Pore Cleansing
  • Softens Skin Texture


  • Gentle Exfoliant
  • Removes Dead Skin
  • Moisturizes And Nourishes Skin

How to use

Wash your face. Apply the face scrub. Wash again. Do it twice a week.
It's that simple.

Detailed Benefits

  1. No Paraben | No Sulphate
  2. Dermatologically Tested
  3. 100% Cruelty Free | No Animal Testing
  4. 100% Vegan
  5. Ayush Certified

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Tirupati Patnaik
Awesome Face scrub

Really after trying hell lot of face scrubs finally I have satisfied with Dcraf.
After the scrub my skin has become smoother and with a refreshed feeling.

Sai Karan

Face Scrub - 100gms

Superb Scrub

Really superb product, I love it. Thank you Dcraf

Had a good experience overall

Dcraf had interesting products and their packaging is quite quirky. Tried the face scrub which seems to work really well. It leaves the skin feeling refreshed. It's better than my last few buys from other brands.

Cool Product

It was a awesome product by brand i recieved by my friend on my 25th Birthday.

Why is Face Scrub needed to get a skin clear?

Male skin is thicker than a woman's, with bigger pores that gather debris every day. A face scrub, also known as an exfoliator, removes dead skin from the face, dislodge dirt deep within the pores, and prevents blackheads.

Best face scrub for men prevents sebum, a naturally occurring oil on the skin that clogs pores and creates pimples from building up. We recommend using face scrub once or twice a week on a normal and combination skin type, whereas if you have greasy skin, opt for the best scrub for men’s oily skin and use it three times a week. 

Also, before shaving, it’s best to use an exfoliant. It will not only clean your skin before shaving but also eliminate the dead skin cells that jam up your razor, enhancing razor glide and preventing ingrown hair. Apply the exfoliator to your entire face in small circular motions, paying special attention to problems like your nose and shaving area. If you are looking for such an excellent face scrub that can help you revitalise your skin and give it a new lease of life, then go for the best face scrub for men from Dcraf. Let’s unveil its benefits and key ingredients! 

Best Face Scrub for Men at Dcraf

Dcraf’s rejuvenating exfoliating scrub for men gives your skin a smooth texture due to the presence of natural ingredients such as olive leaf extracts and jojoba beads. Their anti-inflammatory properties gently remove the dead skin and cleanse the pores while moisturising and nourishing the skin. Another major component, Oat Kernel Extract, has healing properties that help your skin to heal from sunburns and acne caused due to excessive oily pores. Being 100% vegan and devoid of chemicals, Dcraf’s natural scrub for men is a must in your grooming vanity. 

Benefits of Using a Vegan Face Scrub

  • Best for Skin

    Did you know that your skin absorbs 60% of anything you put on it? Animal-based cosmetic products contain synthetics and artificial substances. While they might be useful, they have a tendency to block pores, which explains why skin outbreaks are so widespread. Vegan skincare, on the other hand, is made entirely of natural ingredients. Each component is derived from plants. As a result, they are free of chemicals and artificial additions. Hence, vegan men’s face scrubs online in India from Dcraf give your skin a natural glow and suppleness without any guilt of loading harsh chemicals on your skin. 

  • Good for Environment

    If you want to live in an environmentally friendly way, you’ll be happy to know that using vegan beauty products is a step in the right direction. They are environmentally beneficial in every way. Due to the absence of toxins such as parabens and sulphates, they do not cause any harmful effects on water sources. Buy the best scrub for men in India at Dcraf. 

Dcraf by Rana Daggubati Your Ideal Partner in Grooming 

DCRAF, a brand launched in collaboration with Rana Daggubati, aims to revolutionise men’s grooming by creating unique products with the finest ingredients. Dcraf’s men’s skincare products are designed for face, skin, and beard grooming. Including men’s face scrub online in India, the other online product ranges such as the face, beard and skin at Dcraf do not employ harsh chemicals like paraben or sulphate. Suitable for all skin types, Dcraf guarantees cruelty-free products that have been dermatologically tested.

You may treat yourself like never before with the best grooming products for men, such as beard products online, men's grooming kits, face care products for men online etc., with Dcraf. Along with skin care, beard grooming is essential to men’s personal grooming. A well-trimmed and well-maintained beard helps in lifting your personality. Try exclusive, 100% vegan beard grooming products at Dcraf, such as beard growth oil, beard serum, Beard wash and men's beard wax

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can men use face scrub daily?

    Experts recommend using the best face scrub for men at least once or twice a week. If you have greasy skin, pick the best scrub for men’s oily skin and apply it three times a week for better results. This is sufficient to keep skin appearing bright and balanced while also encouraging cell turnover. 

  • Is scrubbing good for men?

    Exfoliation benefits men by softening and toning their skin and removing dirt and grime. Exfoliating scrub for men repairs skin by regenerating your skin cells, reducing acne breakouts, and eventually giving you spot-free clear skin. Vegan face scrubs are just as important for males as women.

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